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Nov – DecembART – 2012 art exhibition, opening, book launch, event list [...Melbourne]


*ROA backwoods 25 easey st, c’lingwd 6-9pm

*sketch&tulip 364 victoria st, Nth Melb 6-10pm http://www.facebook.com/events/559452194080280/#!/photo.php?fbid=341070389324337&set=oa.294652920646191&type=1&theater

*lowrise projects 1/32wangaratta st, Richmond 6-8pm www.lowriseprojects.com 

*brnswk artspace 2a little breese st 6-8pm

*BSG 322brnswk st 6-8pm

*aust print workshop 210gertrude st 6-8pm


*decadence fashion thingy 673bourke st 6pm – free b4 10pm

*alcaston 11brnswk st, fitz 2-4pm

*Anita traverso 7albert st richmd 3-5pm

*kalimanRawlins 9ellis st, Sth Yarra 4-6pm http://www.facebook.com/events/438206449569799/

*Cambridge studios 52 cambridge st 2-4pm

*genesis P.Orridge daine singer 325flinders la 3-5pm

*upstairs@napier 210 napier st 2-6pm http://www.upstairsatthenapier.org/upcoming-shows.html

*chrysalis launch 179 gipps st, eastMelb 2-4pm

*Arts Projects annual exhib 24high st, nthcote 3-5pm http://www.facebook.com/events/405948302810994/

*RMIT dip photoimaging Obsura Gallery Beller House Suite 11, 285 Carlisle St, East St Kilda http://www.facebook.com/events/200524406749105

*End of Parlour party, preston 7pm-> http://www.facebook.com/events/514072808620160/

*Dojo launch 2/401swanston st 10pm-3am $10 http://www.facebook.com/events/130210037132644/

*Tekno Mulisha inner shity location 10pm-7am $5  http://www.facebook.com/events/433984249988970/

*b-boy battle nthcote town hall 189 high st 3-7pm $20

*Last gig PONY 68 lil Collins st 2pm->

*Gutterhype gig @Noise Bar 291albert  St, brnswk 9pm-6am $15 http://www.facebook.com/events/287657671352671/
09- Casawarriors vs DD – Dub 2 Jungle set; 11- Time Travel – Future Jungle set; 12- MarkN – Amen set; 01- Deltashelta (NSW) – Old Skool/Jungle set; 02- Fiction (S.A) – Jungle Tekno /Jungle set; 03- L-Que (N.Z) – Ragga Jungle set; 04- J-Don (U.K) – Ragga Jungle set; 05- Spinfx vs C:1- Vibes; 06 – CLOSE… $15 – 9PM>>6AM.


*Hungry Workshop 461 high st, nthcte 5-7pm https://www.facebook.com/events/515143818504150/

*Discobeans exhib upstairs 238high st nthcote 6-9pm https://www.facebook.com/events/100874703413986/


*VCA margaretLawrence 40dodds st 6-8pm  http://www.vca.unimelb.edu.au/gallery/2012_exhibition_program

*discobeans noise gig 238high st nthcote 7:30pm $5 http://www.facebook.com/events/297015567069688/ OR  http://thethousands.com.au/melbourne/calendar/disco-beans-monday-with-nite-fields-machine-zac-keiller-and-umbilical-tentacle  [OR fri 30th at gasometer)

*gig at GASOMETER 484smith st 8pm $5 https://www.facebook.com/events/165104763634787/

*???*GI kingston arts centre 979-985 Nepean Hwy, Moorabbin 6-8pm???



*bikefest film Ross house 247 flinders la. 6pm-> donation entry http://thethousands.com.au/melbourne/calendar/the-big-picture-presents-life-cycles


**7th 155 gertrude st, fitz 6-8pm http://thethousands.com.au/melbourne/calendar/seventh-gallery-december-openings


*Radlands BRUCE ARI opener 361 barkly st, Footscray 6pm http://thethousands.com.au/melbourne/calendar/ben-pell-radlands-opening-at-bruce


*45downstairs flinders La 5-7pm


??*No Vacancy opener ?QVnot specified? (RMIT: BA TEXTILES)? http://www.no-vacancy.com.au/hello/comingsoon.html




*dos blockos op shop party Prahran mission 211 chapel st, Prahran 7-11pm After a sell out event in 2011, this coming summer will welcome the return of the DOSS BLOCKOS Op Shop Party!Combining the simple pleasures of beer, food, friends, tunes and vintage goods on the PRAHRAN MISSION ROOFTOP, this is a strictly limited capacity event that you do not want to miss! Tickets are $30 - of which $20 is redeemable on Op Shop purchases of your choice, a $5 drink voucher and a $5 food voucher. All profits are donated back to the PRAHRAN MISSION and inevitably back to the community. BOYKOT on the decks, Doss in the fridge, snags on the BBQ and vintage threads on the racks...DO YOUR PART AND GET YOUR PARTY ON.
Tickets available at East 9th Brewing HQ (20-28 Chatham St, Prahran).
Limited online tickets also available at: http://opshopparty.roller.net.au/?booking_date=2012-12-04 https://www.facebook.com/events/459754264065768/



*red 157 st.georges rd 6-8pm

*CCP 404george st fitz 6-7:30pm

*conduit arts opener 83brunswick st 6pm->

*without pier 320 Bay Rd Cheltenham 6-8pm

*Metro gallery 1214high st Armadale 6:30-8:30pm http://www.metrogallery.com.au/exhibitions/65

* RMIT BA Textile Design Graduate Exhibition Workroom No Vacancy QV 34jane bell la http://www.facebook.com/events/231222237005958/

*New Low goodtime studios performance event – 746swanston st, carlton. Wed & Thurs 6-9:30pm $5


*RMIT 1st site ‘new collectables auction’ 344 swanston 5:30pm-> https://www.facebook.com/events/283171815117182/

*RMIT fancy gallery 344 swanston st 6-8pm http://www.rmit.edu.au/browse;ID=q98ok6lof9wez

*breathe kent st Fitzroy http://www.facebook.com/events/341495149281575/

*egg gallery 66a Johnston st 6-9pm http://www.facebook.com/events/471021442937112/?suggestsessionid=6226319331354148047

*5/29 tinning st brnswk 6-9pm http://www.facebook.com/events/384170234993533/

*ausin tung 164 high st prahran 6-8

*Craft VIC 31flinders la 6-8 http://craftvic.org.au/fresh

*5 walls 1/119hopkins st Footscray 6-8

*ACMI http://www.artabase.net/exhibition/4090-if-they-say-why-why-tell-em-that-its-human-nature

*RMIT Diploma of Graphic Design - Continuum Building 516, Level 2, Room 1 - 25 dawson st brnswk 6-9pm http://www.facebook.com/events/364098247008548/

*RMIT film & TV awards night Swanston Academic Building Cinema Rm2, lvl1, Building 80, 330 Swanston St 6-9pm http://www.facebook.com/events/206606966139593


*incinerator gallery 180 holmes rd moonee ponds 6-8pm  http://www.facebook.com/events/120977188058809/

*pop-up launch 107 evans st, brunswk 6-8pm http://www.facebook.com/events/121430821348336/

*Seasons of change SUMMER @ revolver SDM

*Colour factory 409 gore st 6-8pm https://www.facebook.com/events/282500461871453/

*5 walls 1/119 hopkins st, Footscray 6-8pm

*Platform degraves subway 6-8pm


*fehily 3a glasshouse rd 3-5pm

?*carbon black 188high st Prahran 3-5pm


*Richmond town hall 333 Bridge Rd Richmond 6-8pm

??*No Vacancy opener FedSquare (tailfeather)? http://www.no-vacancy.com.au/hello/comingsoon.html


*Tiwi book launch Vivien Anderson Gallery 470 Dandenong Rd Caulfield North 6-8pm http://www.vivienandersongallery.com/forthcoming-exhibition.php

*Charles nodrum 267church st Richmond 6-8pm


*belle arti prize chapman+bailey 350johnston st, abbotsford 6-8pm

*conduit arts opener 83brunswick st 6pm->

*KINGS ARI 1/171king st 6-8pm


*Matt Irwin crassmass party STUDIO 72, 37SWANSTON ST 6:30pm


*AusinTung crassmass pArty 164high st Prahran 6-8pm


*Edmund pearce lvl 2,37swanston st 5-9pm


*carbon black closing 188high st Prahran 3-5pm


*boxwars @ Caulfield park 5pm http://www.facebook.com/events/532234793472168/


*BLINDSIDE opener room14, lvl7 37swanston st 6-8pm www.BLINDSIDE.org.au



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melbourne exhibitions, launches, gigs N (f)art openings mid-AUGUST 2011 & beyond!

[*DISCLAIMER: stuff may be wrong. sowwy! mainly it's not, but if you get all poo-ey rockin up to a closed door, maybe double-check the link, or search for yourself. Perhaps take solace in the fact philth'll be aimlessly wandering too! There's so much stuff on, all listed in disparate sources, so please forgive philth's errors. Feedback is always useful, too. Noone friggin DOES it, but it IS welcome. This is basically a personal list to aid my memory for shit that's on - otherwise philthy forgets (awww!). As far as i know about 6 other people use it & find it useful. If you dun't like it, dun't use it - but more constructively, let philth know what it could do better! Or else aint nuthin's gonna change til then...!]

‘Connected11′ mental health arty show 12th to 21st aug, NoVacancy 34 janebell la. QV

  • MON-15-AUG:
  • the mind of itself and the world - Light Projects 176highSt nthcte Multiple events til 4sept
  • TUE-16-AUG:
  • VCA grad show ‘discharge’ 40dodds st 5-8pm
  • FedSq art installation http://re-science.org.au/science-event/raveling-world-science-and-craft-exhibition-cwa-2899
  • Super Enamel ~ Works by Thomas Pendergast Owl and the Pussycat 34swan st 6-9pm http://www.facebook.com/home.php#!/event.php?eid=260666833950899&notif_t=event_invite
  • rmit11 Fine Art Photog Auction Bella Union Cnr VicPde&Lygon 5:30-10pm
  • ARC1 opener 45flinders La 6-8
  • Art opener & gig  Bus Projects DONKEY WHEEL HSE 673bourke basement 6-8pm
  • RUNT Space art opener, Building D1.21, Monash Caulfield, Fine Art Building, room D1.21 900 Dandenong Rd 5-7pm 
  • 137 Flinders la gall opener 6-8pm http://www.egetal.com.au/latest/413-jangdokdae-daehoonkang.html
  • SEOID 11 Pieces of Eight Wkshop Gallery 635 Brnswk St, Nth Fitz 6-8pm
  • WED-17-AUG:

    ♥         On the Periphery Exhib Opener Eckersley’s Open Space Gallery 97 Franklin St 6-8pm

    ♥         Rebeccah Power’s exhib opens tonight at Art at St Francis 326 Lonsdale St corner Elizabeth 6-8pm. http://t.co/lBdRVI2   Hmmmm.Let there be church-based shenanigans!

    ♥         ‘Ghosts of the thrill steven asquith’ opener  33guildford la. 6-8pm  http://www.utopianslumps.com/ (twitter said this is 2nyt/wed? if not, then it’s probly thur or fri. “Der”)

    ♥         Red opener 157StGeorgesRd 6-8pm http://www.redgallery.com.au/exhibitions.htm

    ♥         7th gallery opener 155gertrude st, fitz 6-8pm


    ♥         RMIT projXspace 23cardigan 5-7pm http://schoolofartgalleries.dsc.rmit.edu.au/PSSR/exhibitions/2011/the-new-pretty.html

    ♥         Blak Dot Gallery group sh-Opening  413 Lygon St, Brnswk East 6pm

    ♥         inherentVice ‘Partist’ launch Readings 309 lygon st 6:30pm http://thethousands.com.au/melbourne/out/mandy-ord-sensitive-creatures-book-launch/

    ♥         Student Art Auction-sculpty. Grad Show fundraiser.RMIT sculpture studios building 37, cnr of Swanston/A’beckett  6-9pm

    ♥         HandHeld opener 108 bourke lvl 1 suite 18,paramount arcade   6-8pm

    ♥         SPEED OF LIGHT opener blindside lvl7/rm14 37swanston 6-8pm

    ♥         ACCA in partnership with Melbourne Conversations – You look at things differently by hearing things differently City of Melbourne’s Program of free talks  Swanston Hall, Melb Town Hall Thur18aug, 5.30pm for a 6pm start BOOKINGS = programs@accaonline.org.au 

    ♥         NoScribbles exhib opener  5/29 Tinning St opener  6-9pm

    ♥         NellieCastan 1/12riverSt sthYarra 6-8pm http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=135183786572724

    ♥         Everything Exists Whether Real or Imagined  opener – Obüs City 4/289 Flinders La 6-8pm

    ♥         Screenspace opener 30guildford La, 6-8pm


    ♥         ACCA Pop-Up Opening Party 111 Sturt St Sthbank 5-8pm

    ♥         Meggs-backwoods gallery 25easey st 6-9pm

    ♥         Collingwd gall ‘HELM2’ opener 292 smith st 6-8pm

    ♥         RMIT Open Bite Print Auction 2011 RMIT Uni Printmaking Studio Blding 49, Lvl 2, 67 Franklin St  6-10pm

    ♥        Twin navigation  ranchoNotorious opener upstairs 361lil Lonsdale 6-8/9pm

    ♥        NoVacancy FedSq atrium 6-9pm  http://no-vacancy.com.au/gallery/dumb-dawgs-in-darn/ 

    ♥         Outré. super casual opening249 elizabeth st 5:30-7:30pm Please RSVP here

    ♥         ASG  opener lvl1/32 Mollison St Melb 7-9pm

    ♥         ‘inHAIRent sameness’ OffTheKerb opener 66b johnstonSt 6-9pm

    ♥          Caged & Consumed Obscura Gallery 1/ 285 Carlisle St East StKilda 6:30-8:30

    ♥          Tacotruck & winedrinks etc at darkhorseexperiment 110franklin st? 6/7pm?


    ♥         MBAC (Melbourne Body Art Competition) Carlton Brewhouse sat 20 aug 4pm->

    ♥         ‘Wildthings’ Mossgreen gallery 310 Toorak Rd Sth Yarra 6-8pm http://www.mossgreen.com.au/gallery/diary.asp

    ♥         catherinne asquith 48oxfordst 2-4pm

    ♥         Dianne Tanzer 108-110 Gertrude St 4pm? http://craftvic.org.au/craft-cubed/satellite-events/exhibitions/jasmine-targett-bubbling-up

    ♥         ???One Night Standard in a Warehouse COBURG 10pm-7am

    ♥         Jeremy Smart & Rob Bartolo opener-Trocadero Art Space 1/119 Hopkins St Footscray 4-6pm

    ♥         Hand Made Music Festival KIPL warehouse party KIPL Warehouse, 136 Roden St, West Melb 8pm $15 with TOYDEATH & shiploads more http://thethousands.com.au/melbourne/out/hmm-hand-made-music-festival-kipl-warehouse-party/

    ♥         Omelette presents: BADA BOOM! HiFi Bar, 125 Swantson St 10pm $28 w: Opiuo Spoonbill Mista Savona Sound System; The Mollusk Circuit Bent Damn Moroda ;

    ♥         Stockroom kyneton

    ♥         ???TACIT opener 323johnston st 3.30-5.30 ??

    ♥         Metropolis Gallery opener Ryrie St Geelong 5-7pm www.metropolisgallery.com.au

    *UntilNever closed with private show til 20th *pffft! lame*


    ♥         Opening drinks: 3-5pm McClelland Gallery+ Sculpture Park, 390 McClelland drive, Langwarrin Email: info@mcclellandgallery.com

    ♥         www.withoutpier.com.au opener  320 Bay Rd Cheltenham  2-4pm


    ♥         DogEatDog performance graf Hosier La 2-5pm


    ♥         Art Exhib ‘Girl+Animal’ - NaniPuspasari 1st Site Gallery 344 Swanston 5:30-7:30pm

    ♥         TACIT opener 323johnston st 6-8pm http://www.tacitart.com.au/2_exhibitions/2_exhibitions/solace.html


    ♥         Alcaston artist talk/opener 11brnswk st 6-8pm

    ♥         MARS 418 Bay St Port Melb 6-8

    ♥         Installation by Slow Art Collective ‘Shelter’: ‘Mis-design’ McDonald’s drive-through underground car-park Cnr Smith St&Victoria Pd wed24aug-4sept

    ♥         Lister opener Metro Armadale 6:30-8:30pm


    ♥         BRIGHTSPACE opener 8 Martin St St Kilda 6-8pm http://www.brightspace.com.au/exhibitions/exhibitions.php?upcoming=1

    ♥         ???Lamington Drv 15-25 KEELE ST http://lamingtondrive.com/exhibitions  Studio Pip & Co 25.08 – 17.09.11; Marc Martin 22.09 – 15.10.11

    ♥         West Space opener Lvl1,225Bourke St 6-8pm

    ♥         DarkHorseExperiment opener 110franklinSt 6-8pm & Melb Propaganda Window

    ♥         Aust Galleries opener 50smith st 6-8pm


    ♥         West Space Hand-Made Muzak launch party  Lvl1,225Bourke St 6-8pm

    ♥         Nani’s Asian Folk Art|Fine Art Opener at BSG 322 brnswk st 6-8pm

    ♥         Paradise hills 1-9 Doonside St, Richmd 6-9pm

    ♥         Somewhere opener Shop 29 Lvl 2, 314 Little Collins 6-8pm

    ♥         Anna Pappas 2-4carlton st prahan 6-8pm  www.annapappasgallery.com

    ♥        LazerFist’s RTIST opener 29StEdmonds Prahan 6-8pm

    ♥         ENIX  AtLarge opener 208highSt nthcote 6-9pm

    ♥         Gertrude Contemporary 200 gertrude st 6-8pm http://www.gertrude.org.au/exhibitions/gallery-11/upcoming-15/

    ♥         ???Kamirawlins opener 9 Ellis St, Sth Yarra www.kalimanrawlins.com???

    ♥         zine launch artful dodgers 1 langridge st c’lingwd 4-5pm RSVP helen.shannos@jss.org.au


    ♥         A melbum girls grammar project  Monash GofA 860ferntreeGully Rd WheelersHill 2:30pm->  http://www.mga.org.au/event/view/event/147         

    ♥         Beam 1/30guildford La 3-5pm


    ♥         Niagara opener http://www.niagara-galleries.com.au/exhibs/2011/index.html\

    ♥         ???stephe4nMclaughlan lvl8,rm16 37swaston ???

    ♥         FoodNotBombs Gertrude/Brnswk 7:30pm

    ♥         Make It Up Club Bar Open 317 Brunswick St 8:30-11:30 30/08: SarahGaldes+GerardMason;  JakeRodwell JacobCarmichael, ScottMcLatchie, HarryTrotman+ReecePrain; http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=208662762519132


    ♥         Mossenson indigenArt opener 41derby st, c’lingwd 6-8pm

    ♥         C3 abbtsfd convent 1 St Heliers, abbtsford 6-8pm

    ♥         D-vate opener rancho-lvl1, 361lil Lonsdale 6-9pm http://sdmcrew.com/?attachment_id=727

    ♥         Launch of PACHAMAMA exhib by Cristina Palicios Town Hall Gallery rear, 358 Burwood Rd 6-8pm

    ****************** SEPTEMB-ARTS***********************


    ♥        NIOR at NoVacancy-Fed Square Atrium. Opener 6-9pm http://no-vacancy.com.au/gallery/nior/

    ♥        NoNo-pener 14 raglan st, nth melb http://nonogallery.org/

    ♥        From Here to There – industry launch MelbCuntrl 6-9pm

    ♥        VCA opener 40dodds st 6-8pm

    ♥         Chrysalis Opener 179 Gipps st, East Melb 6 – 8pm http://www.chrysalis.com.au/ebl-49-49-Exhibitions.htm


    ♥        Upcoming exhibitions2 September – 5 November 2011 Space invaders: australian. street. stencils. posters. paste-ups. zines. Stickers  ‘I WANT CHANGE’ image http://www.rmit.edu.au/browse/Our%20Organisation%2FRMIT%20Gallery/

    ♥        carbonBlack 188highSt prahan 6-8pm???

    ♥        gillian Grant !bStanley St(off smith) 6-8pm

    ♥         ArtBoy opener 99greville st prahan 6-9pm http://www.justanotheragency.com.au/events1


    ♥        http://thebrunswickshow.com/   Opening at donkey wheel house 673bourke st? 6-10pm

    ♥        catherinne asquith 48oxfordst 2-4pm

    ♥        Loft Gallery Fehily Contemporary opener 3A Glasshouse Rd, C’lingwd 3-5pm  

    ♥        the mind of itself and the world CLOSING/Publication Launch – Light Projects 176highSt nthcte 6-9pm


    ♥         20 Meyers Place Bar launch The Viral Poster Project  6-8pm www.seri.net.au 


    ♥         1st site 344 swanston 5:30-7:30pm(ish) http://www.link.rmit.edu.au/first_site.html

    ♥         TACIT opener 323johnston st 6-8pm http://www.tacitart.com.au/2_exhibitions/2_exhibitions/playing%20with%20space.html


    ♥         Red opener157StGeorgesRd 6-8pm http://www.redgallery.com.au/exhibitions.htm


    ♥         Gould Galleries 270 Toorak Rd 6-8pm http://www.gouldgalleries.com/Exhibitions/tabid/84/ctl/ExhibitionDetails/mid/420/eid/18/Default.aspx

    ♥         Daine Singer basement 325flindersLa 6-8pm www.dainesinger.com


    ♥         Backwoods 25easey st 6-9pm??

    ♥         Purgatory Artspace lvl1/170 Abbotsford St, NthMelb 6-8pm http://www.artabase.net/exhibition/3275-paradise


    ♥         XUE MO-10 YEARS Catherine Asquith Gallery 48oxfordSt Sat10September 2011 http://www.artabase.net/listings/exhibitions/openings

    ♥         stephe4nMclaughlan lvl8,rm16 37swaston 2-4pm

    ♥         Mad Men Style – 1960′s night Bourbon, Jazz&awesome costumes.Grumpy’s Green 125 Smith St 8pm-1am


    ♥         NoNo-pener 14 raglan st, nth melb 6-8pm http://nonogallery.org/

    ♥         BRIGHTSPACE opener 8 Martin St St Kilda 6-8pm http://www.brightspace.com.au/exhibitions/exhibitions.php?upcoming=1


    ♥         Conical opener lvl1, 3 Rochester St  http://www.conical.org.au/program/index.html#


    ♥         EXHIB = 15/10-5/11   DianneTanzer 108gertrude 3-5pm http://www.diannetanzergallery.net.au/


    ♥         1st site 344 swanston 5:30-7:30pm(ish) http://www.link.rmit.edu.au/first_site.html

    ♥         Westspace opener lvl1/225bourke 6-8pm http://westspace.org.au/calendar/event/drift/


    ♥         BORED FECKLESS ACCA Foyer 111 Sturt St Sthbank 6-7:30pm


    ♥         ???Lamington Drv 15-25 KEELE ST http://lamingtondrive.com/exhibitions  Studio Pip & Co 25.08 – 17.09.11; Marc Martin 22.09 – 15.10.11


    ♥    Paradise hills 1-9 Doonside St, Richmd 6-9pm???


    ♥         Red opener157StGeorgesRd 6-8pm http://www.redgallery.com.au/exhibitions.htm

    NUKE-ARSE CRINGE FESTY /  THIS IS NOT ART 2011 DATES are 29 SEPT – 3 OCT  http://thisisnotart.org/ 

     ♥       Mutant Waveformz Solar Subterfuge @ This Is Not Art 

    ♥       SoundSummit – nukearse cringe Gig-liness


    ♥       NUKEARSE hamo station thur29 LHI, fri30 grannyfist, sat1oct drillbit


    ♥        NUKEARSE = hamo station fri30 grannyfist, sat1oct drillbit

    ♥        [Nuke] THIS IS NOT BART opener ARThive Lvl1, 111 HunterSt 6-9pm 

    ♥         Odditoriums 1st Bday Soiree&steampunk exhib opener?basement 14 Thorn st 6-8pm

    ♥        MELB = sunday school gig http://www.facebook.com/pages/Culture-Jam/138829926194500

    ♥    [Melb] Brnswk Arts 2a lil breese st 6-9pm

    *******************OCT-OH-b-ART ******************


    ♥        NUKEARSE =This is not PART broke-core noisegig hamo station Netas,drillbit,Passenger o’Shit

    ♥        MELB =NoNo-pener 14raglanSt nth Melb 6-8pm http://www.artabase.net/exhibition/2898-collect-combine-curated-by-kirilly-barnett-lucinda-barnett

    ♥    [Melb] catherine asquith 48oxfordst 2-4pm http://www.catherineasquithgallery.com

    ♥    [Melb] NoNo-pener 14raglanSt nth Melb 6-8pm http://www.artabase.net/exhibition/2898-collect-combine-curated-by-kirilly-barnett-lucinda-barnett


    ♥        NUKEARSE =Zine Fair king st carpark 11-4pm ish?

    ♥       [Nuke] Nationwide JELLY-WRESTLING Clash 2-8pm “welcome to Jell!o.”


    ♥    [Melb] 1st site 344 swanston 5:30-7:30pm(ish) http://www.link.rmit.edu.au/first_site.html

    ♥    [Melb] Niagara opener http://www.niagara-galleries.com.au/exhibs/2011/index.html

    ♥    [Melb]  Mystic Bubblegum  muzakle d’toxic-Workers Club – tue4oct -sat8oct


    ♥         NoNo-pener 14 raglan st, nth melb 6-8pm http://www.artabase.net/exhibition/2916-valentina-palonen-stranger-than-fiction-souvenirs-from-the-periphery


    ♥         STABS Backwoods 25easey st 6-9pm


    ♥         DianneTanzer 108gertrude 3-5pm http://www.diannetanzergallery.net.au/


    ♥         1st site 344 swanston 5:30-7:30pm(ish) http://www.link.rmit.edu.au/first_site.html


    ♥         BRIGHTSPACE opener 8 Martin St St Kilda 6-8pm http://www.brightspace.com.au/exhibitions/exhibitions.php?upcoming=1

    ♥         Red opener157StGeorgesRd 6-8pm http://www.redgallery.com.au/exhibitions.htm


    ♥         Paradise hills 1-9 Doonside St, Richmd 6-9pm???


    ♥         NoNo-pener 14 raglan st, nth melb 6-8pm http://nonogallery.org/

    ********************* NOVEMB-ARTS ***********************


    ♥         1st site 344 swanston 5:30-7:30pm(ish) http://www.link.rmit.edu.au/first_site.html


    ♥         Niagara opener http://www.niagara-galleries.com.au/exhibs/2011/index.html


    ♥        Red opener157StGeorgesRd 6-8pm http://www.redgallery.com.au/exhibitions.htm


    ♥         BRIGHTSPACE opener 8 Martin St St Kilda 6-8pm http://www.brightspace.com.au/exhibitions/exhibitions.php?upcoming=1


    ♥         EXHIB = 12/11-3/12   DianneTanzer 108gertrude 3-5pm http://www.diannetanzergallery.net.au/


    ♥         1st site 344 swanston 5:30-7:30pm(ish) http://www.link.rmit.edu.au/first_site.html


    ♥         Women’s Salon 2011 Counihan Gallery 233 Sydney Rd, Brunswick 6-8pm http://www.moreland.vic.gov.au/arts-and-festivals/counihan-gallery/2011-exhibition-program-counihan.html

    THUR/FRI 18-NOV:

    ♥        Neckface Backwoods 25easey st 6-9pm


    ♥         NoNo-pener 14 raglan st, nth melb 6-8pm http://nonogallery.org/


    ♥         Niagara opener http://www.niagara-galleries.com.au/exhibs/2011/index.html


    ♥         RMIT printmaking grad show Red gall.opener157StGeorgesRd 6-8pm http://www.redgallery.com.au/exhibitions.htm

    ********************* DECEMB-ARTS ***********************


    ♥        Probably PLATFORM; lindberg; usual openings on 1st fri of month…


    ♥         ArtAbility® 2011 Atrium-FedSq 5-12dec http://www.adec.org.au/ArtAbility2011.htm

    TUE-6-DEC:  ???

    ♥         ???EXHIB = 6-23dec  DianneTanzer 108gertrude 3-5pm http://www.diannetanzergallery.net.au/

    ??? Near 8th-DEC: ???

    ♥         1st site 344 swanston 5:30-7:30pm(ish) http://www.link.rmit.edu.au/first_site.html

    JULY 2011: calendar 0′(f)Art openers, launches, gigs, free/cheap stuff on & access to cheese in Melbourne


    ♥        BUS opener Basement-Donkey Wheel House 673 Bourke St 6-8pm

            45downstairs 45 Flinders Lane 6-8pm

    ♥        FoodNotBombs cnr Brnswk&Gertrude 7:30-8:30pm

    ♥        Noise gig – MakeItUp club-bar open 8:30-11pm $5/10 

    ♥        Soiree at Revolt Artspace 12elizabeth st kensgtn  5:30-7:30pm

            Launch of A Break in the Chain: The Early Kosminskys. Launched by Michael Williams, Head of Programming at The Wheeler Centre you are encouraged to RSVP by Friday 8 July to Belle Place at belle@affirmpress.com.au  http://spunc.com.au/home/events/event/launch-of-a-break-in-the-chain-the-early-kosminskys/


    ♥         “G’day. Aust’s 1st celeb TVchef *Peter Russell Clarke exhibs his paintings at Cyclone Gallery in Sth Melb called Come And See It!Opens Wed13July 6pm!* The chef/artist/cartoonist rose to TV fame in the 80s with his signature catch-phrase *”Where’s the Cheese*?” % of proceeds go to Gordoncare charity for children&families in need” http://thethousands.com.au/melbourne/this-just-in/


    ♥         ‘36views of latte’ opener NoVacancy fedSq atrium 6-9pm  

    ♥         “A GROUP OF 8″ Polish Art Foundation Exhib Fo Guang Yuan Art Gallery 141 Queen St 6:30pm->

    ♥         Scott Livesey Galleries, 909a High Street, Armadale 6-8pm http://www.scottliveseygalleries.com/ExhibitionList.aspx 


    ♥         BLOKK opener NoVacancy 34janeBell Lane 6-9pm

    ♥         MASONIK live at Propaganda Window 110franklinSt 6-9pm 

    ♥         DarkHorseExperiment (AKA michael koro is dead) opener 110 Franklin St 6-9pm www.darkhorseexperiment.com

    ♥         BRIGHTSPACE opener 8 Martin St St Kilda 6-8pm http://www.brightspace.com.au/exhibitions/exhibitions.php?upcoming=1

    ♥         STUPiD LiFE opener, lot 5/29 Tinning st Brnswk 6-9pm

    ♥         Liquefaction opener Nellie Castan Gallery 12 River St SthYarra 6-9pm

    ♥         MONA Island launch debate Wheeler Centre, 176 Little Lonsdale St 6-7:30pm

    ♥         Bricks Beats and Pockets traditional healthcare fundrai$er/opener Art @ Hogan gallery 310smith St 6-11:30pm


    ♥         Usugrow & Toshikazu opener Backwoods gall. 25 Easey St 6-9pm

    ♥         Good as a Holiday graf exhib:Dopio(SimTwo) AT LARGE-208 High St Nthcote 6-9pm

    ♥         BSG opener 322brnswk st, 6-8pm   *every frinyt (or thereabouts-ish) *  http://www.artcollector.net.au/MiriamMorrisDrawntothePaper

    ♥         Hogan opener 310smithSt 6-8pm http://www.tomgibbsart.com/exhibition150711.html


    ♥         john buckley opener 8albertSt richmd 2-4pm

    ♥         Sophie Gannon opener 2 Albert St, Richmond 2-4pm

    ♥         Stockroom openers 4:30pm, Kyneton?

    ♥         metropolis opener 64 ryrie st, geelong 5-7pm http://www.metropolisgallery.com.au/

    ♥         40Hands – R.I.S.E Poetry Slam&Book Launch Horse Bazaar 379 Little Lonsdale 6-11:30pm

    ♥         ROMY/SPEED PAINTERS/OK SURE/GAMBOL & CAVORT DJ SET, The Buffalo Club 22 Sutherland St Melb 8pm $10

    ♥         Zero Flag Finally Unfurls.. (live gig-liness) Dancing Dog, downtown Footscray 8-11pm

    TIL   SUNDAY-17-JULY:   ♥  SOUND OF LIGHT at QV from Fri-1 to Sun-17 =interactive installation of SounD/3D light projections (warningkt!: approach at yr own risk & watch out for prior conn artists)  http://qv.com.au/#/side/gallery  



    • Arc1 45flindersLa 6-8pm


    ♥        RanchoNotorious LOVE IS HERE 361 Little Lonsdale St 6-9pm

    ♥        BUS project/State of Design ‘critical mobility’= ACCA Forecourt, Sturt Street Southbank  9-10:30pm

    ♥         TCB opener 1/12waratah plc. 6-8pm http://www.tcbartinc.org.au/index.php?page=next&PHPSESSID=e594a7c96a70ffd469d2f4d386a4d1e7

    ♥         Anna Pappas opener 2-4carltonSt prahan 6-8pm

    ♥         ACCA+State of Design #1 (of  3 evenings): bookings: www.stateofdesign.com.au = Wed20July 9–11pm: Pecha Kucha Night, devised in Tokyo in 2003, are now happening in over 230 cities worldwide. Drawing its name from the Japanese term for the sound of ‘chit chat’, it rests on a presentation format that is based on a simple idea: 20 images x 20 seconds


    ♥         FLG opener 137flinders la.5.30-7.30pm

    ♥         Animal Spirit-Joseph Flynn Solo-pener 12 Warburton Lane 6-8pm www.warburtonlaneexhibits.com  

    ♥         NoNo-pener 14raglan st 6-8pm

    ♥         DUEL The Aerosol Assassin Opening 4 Peel St Collingwood 6-8pm 

    ♥         ACCA+State of Design #2 – bookings: www.stateofdesign.com.au = Thur21July 9–11pm: The Architects is a weekly radio broadcast on Triple R presented by Simon Knott, Stuart Harrison & Christine Phillips. The program will be recorded from the Coley platform in front of a live audience.


    ♥         VASILI KALIMAN, JARROD AWLINS+TARA RAWLINS launch party for new gallery Sth Yarra (email invites closer to ‘their’ date), 6-8 PM

    ♥         Gillian grant opener 1B Stanley Street, Collingwood 6-8pm

    ♥         Ger-turd-e Street Projxn festy, 6pm->

    ♥         ACCA+State of Design #3: bookings: www.stateofdesign.com.au =Fri22July 9–11pm: Speakeasy Cinema invites designers to consider how title design frames a film’s mood. Showing some of the best and most talked about title designs this event will explore which sequences have moved audiences


    ♥         DO ME munny – Submissions due by 22july. / Exhib opener = 5th Aug  Send in photo’s of your customised Munny to munny@villain.com.au by the 22nd July to be in the running to show your creation at our Do Me! Munny instore exhibition. Mega, mid or mini. Choose your Munny to customise. Open to all. Prizes to be won!


    ♥         Lamington Drv 15 – 25 Keele St, C’lingwd 1-2pm   =>     More Is More Artist Reception/book signing 1-2pm Saturday July 23 [Exhib runs July9-23 ] 15-25 KEELE ST http://lamingtondrive.com/exhibitions  - and Coming Soon: Black and White 28.07 – 20.08.11; Studio Pip & Co 25.08 – 17.09.11; Marc Martin 22.09 – 15.10.11

    ♥         Alcaston opener 11brnswk st, 2-4pm

    ♥         Arts Projects opener 24highSt nthcote 3-5pm http://www.artsproject.org.au/event/detours-through-abstraction

    ♥         52cambridge st(udio) opener 4-6pm

    ♥         Square Eyes @ Tetris Studios.Video Game themed warehouse party 2pm-1am w:MR BILL; EDITOR; CIRCUIT BENT; RHYTHMIK;VOLTA; TREATS – Custom written computer game tracks from the artists!- Funky ass warehouse space, with Mario + Pacman Rooms!- Interactive playable video game projections!- Arcade/Chill/Cinema Space- Affordable 8-Bit Drinks INSERT COIN- 20 MAX PLAYERS – 300 

    ♥         ???EMILY FLOYD AT IAN POTTER CENTRE, NGVA Works by Emily Floyd will be exhibited at the National Gallery of Victoria, Australia at Fed Square, in ’10 ways to look at the past’, curated by Jane Devery. Prints from Emily’s time as an Australian Print Workshop fellow, as well as works from the NGV collection by nine other artists will be on view. The exhibn opens on 23 July, 2011???


    ♥         You’re Welcome  MARS Gallery,418baySt Port Melb 3-6pm 100 Artists. 100 Tickets. 100 Dollars. Every ticketholder wins an artwor l proceeds donated to the Asylum Seekers Resource Centre


    ♥         Pieces of 8 opener/craftcubed event 28 Russell Place 6-8pm

    ♥         PinUp st* of design opener 15-25keele st 6-8/9pm 

    ♥         Metro Armadale6:30pm?

    ♥         exhib=part of Craft Cubed 2011 at Angela Robarts-Bird Gallery-Gasworks Arts Park Cnr Graham+Pickles St Albert Park 6-8pm


            Mossenson opener? Tue OR wed nyt ?  41 Derby St, Collingwood 6-8pm www.mossensongalleries.com.au


    ♥         West Space Re-opening Celebration 1/225bourkeSt 6-9pm

    ♥         Lamington Drv 15-25 KEELE ST http://lamingtondrive.com/exhibitions  coming Soon: Black and White 28.07 – 20.08.11; Studio Pip & Co 25.08 – 17.09.11; Marc Martin 22.09 – 15.10.11


            paradise hills 1-9 doonside richmond 6-8pm

    ♥         Drawn Together opens BSG 322brnswk st 6-8pm *every frinyt  

    ♥         project35 opener Gertrude Contemporary 200 Gertrude St 6-8pm http://www.gertrude.org.au/

    ♥         Sensory Overload at Workers Club  binliner?Qua? some other people!!!! According to their website it is only $2 entry  oskrband & trewlox projex 7pm?8pm?


            forWalls 34franklin 6-9pm


    ♥         Craft Cubed 2011 Across Melbourne/VIC Craft Victoria, 31 Flinders La6-9pm AUG-4 -> SEP-3   Visit http://craftvic.org.au/craft-cubed for the full program & satelite events. 

    ♥         LittleMakers ‘otherworldly’ opener 227 Barker St, Castlemaine 5-9pm


            Mr Kitly opener Upstairs, 381 Sydney Rd 6-8pm http://craftvic.org.au/craft-cubed/satellite-events/exhibitions/denim

    ♥        Conical opener lvl1, 3 Rochester St  http://www.conical.org.au/index.html#

    ♥         Do Me! Munny instore exhibition (?check if tis’at QV or Syd Rd Villain?). Mega, mid or mini. Choose your Munny to customise. Open to all. Prizes to be won!


    ♥         Mailbox 141 opener  craftcubed satellite event - Entrance 141-143 Flinders Lane,6-8pm

    ♥         Rmit First site 344swanston ?? 5-7pm/6-8pm??? http://craftvic.org.au/craft-cubed/satellite-events/exhibitions/f-your-donation


    ♥         MattIrwin opener 289flinders la. 6-8pm www.mattirwin.com

    ♥         Meggs at Backwoods 25easey st,c’lingwd 6-9pm

    ♥         project35 opener Gertrude Contemporary 200 Gertrude St 6-8pm

    ♥         Thought Crimes: Book Launch RSVP by Friday 5 August by phoning 03) 9486 0288, or email: admin@blackincbooks.com  http://spunc.com.au/home/events/event/thought-crimes-book-launch/


    ♥        MBAC (Melbourne Body Art Competition) Carlton Brewhouse sat 20 aug 4pm->

    ♥        Dianne Tanzer 108-110 Gertrude St 4pm? http://craftvic.org.au/craft-cubed/satellite-events/exhibitions/jasmine-targett-bubbling-up


     THIS IS NOT ART 2011 DATES are 29 SEPT – 3 OCT  http://thisisnotart.org/

    ♥         Mystic Bubblegum muzakle d’toxic-Workers Club – tue4oct -sat8oct